Enjoy golf in Hawaii

  • Objectives

  • Enjoy golf in Hawaii

    The Covid-19 pandemic which began in 2019, affected our living environment immensely. Hawaii has been significantly impacted; for many months beaches in Hawaii, once filled with visitors by millions, were empty.

    Today, with the global implementation of vaccination and new therapeutic medicine development, we see the light at the end of tunnel for economic recovery and once again free interactions with people.

    However, even when the 2021 Paralympic Games were held in Tokyo, understanding the empathy toward the physically challenged remain at a low level, leaving the country with a lack of understandings and substandard infrastructure for these individuals.

    For this reason, we plan to start “The first US- Japan Para-Golf for Amputee Children , and Seniors”. This is to promote awareness of physically challenged individuals with interaction between USA and Japan.

    We therefore planned events for Tri-class Amputee Children and Seniors with golfing, social activities and Life Learning Session Seminars with the goals of creating a better world of understanding and enriched environment for physically challenged.

  • Interaction with NAGA, USDGA and DGA Japan

  • Enjoy golf in Hawaii

    ・NAGA: National Amputee Golf Association, USDGA: US Disabled Golf Association and DGA Japan: Disabled Golf Association have been sponsored in the past with many events with golfing with disability players. We, therefore, do not intend to interfere with these organization with timing of our events. A Memorandum of Understanding will be established with both organizations.

    ・We plan our Hawaii Dream Project Stories events with collaboration with NAGA, USDA and DGA Japan to promote environment and culture so that amputee golfers can enjoy without reservation.