Golf Conference

  • The First PARA Golf Conference for
    Amputee Children, and Seniors

  • Enjoy golf in Hawaii

    Hawaii Dream Project Stories will hold the first event when COVID-19 subsides to the level people can travel freely.

    It will be planned to hold the first event to promote the interaction with Amputee Children and Seniors in Honolulu, Hawaii, the gathering place of the world.

    We will plan to select timing and season so that amputee can participate with safely and without interfering their daily activities.

    We also plan to implement on making the participation easier by arranging with more economical travel and less expensive golf play.

  • Enjoy golf in Hawaii

    Note.(While detailed plans will be announced separately)

    Planned Timing : From July23rd. 2023 ~ July28th.2023

    Venue : Oahu, Hawaii with two golf courses

    Participants : Amputee Children, Seniors (Basically, Children and Seniors should be related with Amputee person )

    Participants Number : Maximum up to 150

    Entry Fee(Not yet fixed)・・・・Just roughly $1,000.00(Not guaranteed)

    Duration of Conference : 5 Days (4nights)

    1. Aloha reception
    2. Golf Competition(2 days)
    3. Sightseeing within Oahu with activities such as floral presentation at Pearl Harbor Memorial and Ehime Maru Memorial for guests.
    4. Speeches of life experiences by the amputee/ Latest information for amputee equipment
    5. Exhibitions of equipment by makers for amputee.
    6. Sayonara party