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  • Hawaii Amputee Golf Association

  • Our Motto

    HAWAII DREAM PROJECT STORY・・・Our association aims to realize a symbiotic society where people with disabilities can spend their time with inner peace with mental and physical satisfaction. To that end, we will realize a dreamy enjoyment life through interaction between people with disabilities, children and seniors.

  • Establishment of Non Profit Organization
    “Hawaii Amputee Golf Association”
    Enjoy golf in Hawaii

    1. Establish Non Profit Organization “Hawaii Amputee Golf Association” in Honolulu, Hawaii
    2. To plan, promote, and a seam less operation with US-Japan Para-Golf for Amputee Children and Seniors.
    3. The theme of association is “Hawaii Dream Project Story”

    ******* “Hawaii Dream Project Story” is flagship naming of Yoshiro Takahashi announced since 2008, the year he started to work in Hawaii. It is the story of people visiting Hawaii and experiences new and enriching activities.

  • Non Profit Organization name

    Hawaii Amputee Golf Association (HAGA)

    Time for establishment

    November, 2021


    425 South Street Suite1101 Honolulu,HI 96813



    President and Managing Director

    Yoshiro Takahashi

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  • Enjoy golf in Hawaii
  • Enjoy golf in Hawaii
  • Enjoy golf in Hawaii